Light Pods

Ideal for Road, Aviation & Marine Applications

Knight Pod’s come in a case set of 6 rechargeable blue LED road markers and were designed specifically for the police and other emergency services.

Supplied in a carry case weighing less than 3.2kgs, with in car charger and mains adapter, these lights can be deployed in seconds by simply being placed on a road surface, on top of traffic cones or magnetically attached to any metallic surface via their integral magnets.

Knight Pods can be placed on top of traffic cones using our unique Pod Holder (pat. pending), a simple, fast and effective way of  raising the Knight Pods above ground level and making them even more visible.

Lights in Dusk

Lights in Dark

Improved Safety Aspects

There are no sharpe edges on a Knight Pod and with a rubberised external coating they will not scratch or damage paintwork if deployed on vehicle surfaces. Plus they reduce the risk to persons and vehicles if hit whilst deployed, their lightweight and cushioned surfaces are much less likely to cause injury or damage in the event of a collision.

With a circular, self righting design they will always orientate themselves so that their light can be seen, unlike traditional police beacons which can topple over if hit by traffic or be blown over by adverse weather, which usually results in their light being shone into tarmac or space.


Utilising a rechargeable CR123A battery you have no more costly battery replacements to consider which can justify an investment in the Knight Pod within a relatively short period of time.

With 6 light units in each case, emergency service vehicles can deploy lights in lines, directing traffic around obstacles and around bends and corners.

All six units can be recharged at the same time either in-vehicle or in-house. The recharge cycle time is 2-3 hours.

They are bright, light and take up an absolute minimal amount of room in a police patrol or emergency services vehicle, over an extended period of service this has financial cost savings implications with reduced wear and tear and fuel usage imposed on the carrying vehicle.


These units will withstand severe handling during operational deployment and have a considerably longer life expectancy than traditional police beacons which are more susceptible to damage.

16 LED’s in each unit provide a high degree of redundancy, even if several LED’s fail due to damage sustained during deployment you still have a light with operational potential unlike single light source  hazard lights.

They are crush resistant and will withstand the weight of a typical family saloon and being powered by LED’s they have a considerably longer life expectancy than strobe or incandescent light bulbs.

Greater Versatility

9 light patterns and an operational runtime of up to 40 hours plus (subject to setting), they can be seen clearly at distances up to 500 metres plus during the hours of darkness and are particularly effective in country and rural locations.

The Knight Pod is so flexible it has uses outside of the police and fire emergency services. We have supplied to the aviation sector both military, public and private for use as a navigational landing aide.

The Knight Pods effectiveness in such applications can be further enhanced by raising it above ground level utilising the Pod holder and positioning the light on top of traffic cones or tubes or the Pod Mat a white reflective plastic disc which reflects light upwards making it more visible from the air.

It’s fully sealed, water proof and highly resistant to corrosive chemicals. It has been utilised by the marine sector as a self contained warning beacon (some RNLI stations use them to demark beach landing zones night time operations).

They will operate in water and float so have serious marine applications in terms of supplementary warning and rescue signalling.

The list is of potential applications for this versatile device is almost endless and of course they make an excellent warning beacon for motorists who would use the amber varient in the event of a vehicle breakdown or emergency.

All in all the argument to carry a case of Knight Pods in any police or fire service vehicle is very compelling.