Expert Witness

Air Traffic Control

To be an expert witness, requires many years of experiance and involvement in the field, having been party to issues/accidents and investigations that have involved the requlatory authorities, the AAIB, and those who are perhaps less experainced in the activities that occur within the aviation and airports industry. The large sign that sits outside the UK regulatory bodies headquarters says ” Safety is no accident” and with that in mind an expert witness can assist in providing consultauion, investigation, expert witness testimony regarding aircraft incidents and mishaps involving pilot input, aviation safety, CAA legislation and standards, air traffic service procedures and weather factors, together with human factors.

With over 40 years in the business and general aviation business, as an Airport Manager, Air Traffic Control Officer and private pilot we have been involved in a wide variety of  local and county planning control issues associated with aviation development, and in both coroners court and AAIB investigations and proceedings. This giving us the ability to assist in areas that fall outside of the direct expertise of those people normally involved in such proceedings.