Equipment Supply


Supply & Maintenance

(VCCS) – Voice Communications Control Systems

Ranging from 2 -10 control positions, with 10/50 plus radio and telephone units.

Critical requirements -

• Affordable Cost

• Low space usage

• Simplicity and reliability

• Low power usage

• Low maintenance

Headset Supply and Service

Critical requirements -

• Reliabilty

• Quick turn around on service

• Customer equipment compatibility

• User comfort

Recruitment RFFS and ATC staffing consultancy

• Rosta’s

• Staffing

• Service Delivery

• Legislation

We have through a range of specialist suppliers been able to assist in the supply of RFFS equipment that meets the requirements of both the CAA and any risk assessment carried out an an unlicensed location, whilst being able to minimize the financial outlay, which is a major factor in today’s world.