Airport Operations

Air Traffic Control

We are able to offer valuable assistance in the following areas:

• Auditing, including Safety Management Systems, prior to Civil Aviation Authority audit, ensuring standards required by the Regulatory Authorities are met.

• The process of ensuring that the airport is compliant in areas such as RFFS, Emergency Planning, ATC equipment and Navigational Aid Maintenance Expositions, including Business Continuity Planning.

• Monitoring of Aerodrome Safety, in connection with the annual requirements to ensure that no safety critical alterations have occurred (notified or unnotified) within the local infrastructure e.g. ‘man-made’ or natural growth of trees.

• Interpreting the legal framework for the detention and ability to impound aircraft through the Civil Aviation Act, as well as obtaining powers of enforcement issued under CAA Regulations.

• Training in connection with the day to day operations and the safety management culture ensuring safe airport operation.

• Understanding of the emerging EASA requirements which will affect airport operations.