Airport Management Suite

We are able to provide an airport management system designed to make the day-to-day administrative tasks carried out within an airport more efficient, reducing the workload on staff whilst at the same time allowing greater reporting tools and flexibility in accounting procedures.

From handling inbound aircraft in ATC and recording an aircraft’s movements, to the sale of aviation fuel and other services once the aircraft has been landed; The system will meet all your airport’s administrative requirements.   Charges for different services such as landing, hangarage, parking and fuel can all be specified within application, and these will then be applied to a customer’s account when they use these services.

Charges for both home-based accounts which you may want to invoice monthly and for visiting aircraft who will need to pay for services before they depart can all be recorded,and powerful reporting tools can allow airport or operations managers to easily observe where an opportunity to implement changes in their charging structure or way they operate may be beneficial to both the airport and the customers.

Reports can easily be printed to PDF, attached to emails or formatted within a Microsoft Excel or Word document. We will also interface with your accounts package of choice. The system is built upon Visma business management software; which includes an industry-leading financial management system capable of controlling and organising your accounts in a way suited to your business needs.

Within the database accounts users will be able to view customer account details, transactions, and aircraft / call-signs registered against accounts, as well as viewing receipts of payments taken by visiting aircraft and for other goods such as fuel and oil.

ATC (Air Traffic Control) users will be able to record information on an aircrafts movement including its origin (if inbound), destination (if outbound), Type of Flight, number of passengers, associated call-sign and so on, as well as entering information about aircraft that have not visited the airport before and being able to check information on the aircraft such as type, weight, operator, owner details and date of Certificate of Airworthiness against the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) G-INFO database.